Renew a Smile: Gentle & effective tooth wear treatment with Forma® Injection Technique

The offer of treatment options naturally comes with indirect solutions and a wide selection of available materials. This scenario demands tooth preparation and is not always feasible for every patient. Elysee Dental aspires to provide solutions and presents an alternative treatment option: the Forma® Injection Technique, or F.I.T.

In this technique, the direct flowable composite is used to gain a perfect, total rehabilitation. The composition of direct composite materials has undergone spectacular development, resulting in an optimisation of both aesthetic and physical properties. Nowadays, direct composites are being offered as a flowable, injectable consistency which, thanks to nanotechnology, equals the physical properties of paste-composites. These injectable composites are wear-resistant and possess adequate viscosity, little shrinking, and proper gloss retention. In other words: these composites can be used as long-term or even final restoration material. In a later phase, ceramic restorations such as “table tops” and “facings” can be considered still.​

Without a doubt, every dentist has patients who can be treated using the F.I.T. The alternating and full wax-up transparent silicone moulds, which Elysee Dental manufactures on top of the approved digital wax-up, ensure full control over the interproximal zones and a perfect occlusion. Creating the ideal morphology has never before been so easy. Whoever has already chosen an IOS will immediately find an interesting, new indication in the F.I.T!​

The F.I.T. kit gives you a one-stop shop-feeling. As a solution provider, we deliver a complete package, with every tool and product necessary for this procedure.​ Are you interested? Then, we would like to invite you to participate in one of the planned webinars or workshops.