Border-Lock® Impression Trays


Border-Lock® impression trays (Clan Dental Products) are based on a design by Professor J. Schreinemakers. The name “Border-Lock®” refers to a patented retention system where the horizontal slots on the inner side of the tray rim provide excellent retention for adhesive.

Border-Lock® impression trays have a semi-individual fit. This means that after selecting the anatomical shape, the tray can be made pliable in warm water. Subsequently, the fit of the tray can be customized. These semi-individual impression trays have the same characteristics as conventional individual trays, including:

  • Excellent tray stability
  • Good anatomical fit
  • Generation of hydraulic pressure

Replacement Concept
Start by purchasing a trial set or order the complete range of Border-Lock® impression trays right away. For every impression you send in with Border-Lock®, you will receive a replacement tray in the same size. This replacement tray will then be invoiced on your technician’s bill.

If you wish to order a trial set, please contact us.