A Digital Smile Transformation with RAYFace

Traditional denture techniques do not always properly consider the full extent of a patient’s smile. In this EVO Fusion Immediate case, with RAYFace Technology, we start by designing the smile from the face itself. This approach ensures that crucial facial elements such as midline, head size and dental features are taken into account.

RAYFace’s precision allows you to achieve esthetic results. See how our innovative workflow not only ensures a precise fit, but also improves the overall aesthetics of the face.

RAYFace’s advanced technology and innovative design bring a new level of efficiency, precision and comfort to the treatment process, offering patients and dental professionals a life-changing experience. Using six cameras and advanced technology, RAYFace captures a picture in a fraction of a second, without any movement.

This unique approach ensures exceptional image quality and hair-fine accuracy. Using Al, the intra-oral scans and CT data are automatically aligned with the virtual face, which is called ‘Dental Avatar’.

Thus, a 3D virtual patient is analyzed using advanced face-driven technology for aesthetic and functional smile design. This 3D virtual patient is used in the laboratory for face-driven digital treatment planning, resulting in a new smile that fits the face.