A complete Clear Aligner system for dentists and orthodontists.


To meet patient demand, it is advisable for modern dental and orthodontic practices to offer an affordable and reliable clear aligner treatment. An increasing number of adults prefer this treatment method to improve the alignment of their teeth and achieve a more attractive smile. Even younger patients often choose clear aligners over traditional braces.

In addition to aesthetic improvements, dentists also recognize the benefits of using aligners as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Aligners can be used, for example, to create space for implants or for pre-restorative purposes such as applying veneers. Another advantage is that straight teeth are easier to clean.

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Why is TrioClear™ the best option for your patients?

A progressive clear aligner solution:

  • TrioClear™ utilizes a combination of 1 softer and 1 harder aligner in each cycle, achieving an average of 0.6 mm of tooth movement every 14 days.
  • The introduction of a softer aligner initially applies more gentle forces before completing the final movement with a harder aligner.
  • Scientifically proven, the use of a sequence of gradually thicker aligners achieves the Progressive Force Concept and enhances the predictability of orthodontic movements.

Precision Crafted in Our Laboratory

  • TrioClear™ aligners are precision-crafted on a 24-hour fully automated production line.
  • This advanced production system significantly enhances the consistency, accuracy, efficiency, and quality of our clear aligners, ultimately leading to better results for the patient.

The advanced material of TrioClear™, which is CE-marked, provides better performance compared to single-layered PETG material commonly used in other aligner systems:

  • More comfortable
  • Enhanced elastic force retention
  • Increased resistance to staining and tearing

All TrioClear™ products are BPA-free, ensuring patients’ comfort when using our clear aligners daily.

TrioClear™ aligners are designed with extensive gingival coverage, covering a larger area with the aligners.

  • Studies have shown that this feature increases aligner retention and enhances the amount of acceptable orthodontic force compared to clear aligners with edges following the gingival margin of the teeth.
  • Additionally, these aligners are less visible to others as they do not sit on the cervical edge of each tooth, making them more aesthetically pleasing, especially for patients with varying lip line positions.
  • Depending on the specific movement required, our experienced dental technicians can design divots at very specific locations with TrioDim Force™ techniques.
  • Each divot is measured and precisely placed with special instruments to ensure their accurate location. This is particularly recommended for refinements.
  • This technology, in combination with increased gingival coverage, results in aligners that require fewer attachments compared to other aligner systems.

TrioClear™ iDesign software & mobiele app

  • TrioClear™ cases are submitted and managed through a dedicated online platform.
  • This platform features our advanced iDesign Simulation Software, allowing the dentist to clearly visualize each treatment plan from different angles and at various stages.
  • Furthermore, each treatment simulation design has an external link for sharing with colleagues or patients.
  • The simulation software is accessible via a convenient and user-friendly mobile phone app that also supports capturing and uploading patient images.

The Ecodont Retainer

  • Complimentary for every TrioClear™ patient.
  • A 100% recyclable and Bisphenol-A-free orthodontic product to prevent teeth relapse.
  • Includes a 3-month warranty and aligner case.

Feel comfortable treating these cases

TrioClear™ is an exceptionally versatile solution. Use it for the successful treatment of cases requiring minimal to moderate tooth movement and for correcting emerging malocclusions.


A significant gap between at least two teeth or molars and the resulting aesthetic issues.


When the front teeth overlap too much (deep bite) or too little (open bite), and there is a risk of wear or functional problems.


The teeth are pressed against each other but are not in a straight line. Some teeth are higher or positioned behind or in front of others, leading to periodontal problems.


To improve aesthetics and function when the lower front teeth are positioned further forward than the upper ones, preventing the front teeth and molars from functioning normally.


The upper and lower jaw, or certain teeth, are misaligned, which can lead to wear and bone loss.

Open bite

There is too much space between the upper and lower teeth, preventing a normal bite.