A unique solution to treat patients with dental wear.

The Composite Forma®-Injection Technique (F.I.T.) is a unique solution to treat tooth surface loss in a quick, easy, predictable and efficient way. In this no-prep technique, a direct flowable micro-filled resin hybrid composite is used to achieve a perfect, total rehabilitation.

The composition of direct composite materials has recently undergone a spectacular development, resulting in an optimization of both aesthetic and physical properties. Nowadays, direct composites are being ordered as a flowable, injectable consistency which, thanks to nanotechnology, equals the physical properties of paste-composites. These injectable composites are wear-resistant, possess an adequate viscosity, with little shrinkage, and proper gloss retention. In other words: these composites can be used as a long term or final restoration.


With our F.I.T. kit, you enjoy the convenience of a one-stop-shop experience, as we offer a comprehensive package containing all the essential tools and products needed for this procedure as your dedicated solution provider. Now including a limited addition: the Forma Adapt Splint. This special offer is available until September 30th!