TrioClear™ iDesign 2.0 with RAYFace integration

Discover the capabilities of RAYFace integration within the TrioClear™ platform. This advanced integration seamlessly combines 3D facial scanning technology with advanced treatment planning software, allowing you to visualize treatment results with precision.

With RAYFace, you capture accurate facial data from your patients in seconds. With this revolutionary tool, you can effortlessly create digital models of your patients’ faces, allowing you to create customized treatment plans for each individual. Integrating RAYFace into TrioClear™ gives you a comprehensive set of tools to streamline your workflow, from virtual treatment simulations to automated case analysis.

By integrating RAYFace into your practice, you are not only using technology – you are also investing in patient satisfaction. With lifelike simulations showing the smile after treatment, you can let your patients make informed decisions about their orthodontic treatment, resulting in enthusiastic, engaged patients.