TrioClear™ iDesign 2.0 with CBCT integration

The integration of CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) and root simulation within the TrioClear™ platform significantly improves diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning. With CBCT, you get access to detailed 3D images of teeth, roots and bone structures, enabling accurate diagnosis of complex cases. This contributes to better treatment outcomes for patients. With root simulation, you can accurately simulate tooth movement and predict how each tooth will respond to treatment forces. This helps create personalized treatment plans that are efficient and effective. In addition to diagnosis and planning, these tools also improve patient communication. Patients can see interactive 3D visualizations of their dental anatomy and treatment results, allowing them to actively participate in their treatment decisions. The seamless integration of CBCT and root simulation in TrioClear™ simplifies workflow and reduces guesswork and inefficiencies. This is particularly beneficial in cases that require pre-restorative work, where visualizing root movement is critical to creating space for implants.