This is OptiCrown

OptiShade and OptiCrown – a flawless combination of digital and AI-assisted dentistry, achieving unparalleled individuality and aesthetic excellence in color reproduction.

Modern Dental Europe introduces a cutting-edge solution as reseller for the OptiShade (Styleitaliano), a camera for smart color determination, complemented by OptiCrown, delivering precision in custom veneered zirconia crowns for the perfect blend-in.

AI-driven: enter OptiShade/OptiCrown, an innovative solution from the Modern Dental Europe Group tailored for dental practices. This solution is particularly designed for the anterior tooth region. The process begins by effortlessly capturing the neighboring tooth using the OptiShade device and the OptiShade FREE APP, downloadable from the App Store onto an iPhone or Apple tablet.

The magic of AI unfolds as the OptiShade program transmits data directly from the Apple device to our lab by the share function. The information, coupled with the order or scan, embarks on a digital journey to the production laboratory.

Here, AI takes the case through the Matisse software program, guiding skilled dental technicians to translate the captured data into an autogenerated layering scheme for the zirconia framework. The software takes into account all parameters like the total layering space, the prep color and the substructure shade and thickness.

In perfect harmony with the prescribed layering scheme, the zirconia framework undergoes a veneering process. The final masterpiece, along with a detailed protocol, makes its way back to your practice.  A flawlessly crafted restoration tailored for the highest aesthetic demands, all achieved through a streamlined and intelligent digital workflow.

And the best part?

It comes at remarkably intelligent prices.