Highlights from the Think Digital Event in Dongguan, China 

Experience the highlights of the Think Digital Event with an exclusive video of the event. During the engaging lectures and workshops, attendees learned all about the world of digital technologies in dentistry, with groundbreaking developments ranging from advanced 3D imaging technologies to revolutionary CAD/CAM solutions and digital orthodontics. Watch the short impression video of this groundbreaking event. 

The world of dentistry is witnessing a transformation, with digital technologies making dental treatments more predictable and less invasive. An important step in our journey was the recent Think Digital event in Dongguan, China, wheredental industry professionals gathered to discuss and explore the latest developments in digital dentistry. 

Digital dentistry takes center stage in Dongguan 

The Think Digital Event in Dongguan was not just another conference, but a milestone for the future of dental care. It focused on the integration of digital technologies into daily dental practice, highlighting tools and techniques such as 3D imaging, CAD/CAM solutions and digital orthodontics. These innovations promise to improve diagnostic accuracy, enhance treatment planning and ensure better patient outcomes at a lower biologic price. 

One of the main themes of the event was an emphasis on education and hands-on experience. Participants had the opportunity to work with digital technology, including RAYFace 3D simulations of smile designs and advanced software systems that provide a new level of communication and data sharing. This hands-on experience is crucial for practitioners to understand the potential impact and applications of digital tools in their practice.

Think Digital EU-Roadshow 

We invite you to the Think Digital European Roadshow, where innovation and dentistry meet in the digital age 

Following the success of the event in Dongguan, Modern Dental Europe is launching a European Roadshow to further spread the knowledge and innovations demonstrated in China. The roadshow will travel through major cities in Europe, including Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and Cologne, with each event tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities for local dental professionals. 

The roadshow serves as a platform for continuing the discussions started in Dongguan, with workshops and seminars that dive deeper into the specifics of digital dentistry. Topics such as digital workflow integration, patient communication and data security were thoroughly explored, providing a comprehensive picture of how digital tools can be seamlessly integrated into dental practices. 

Impact and future prospects 

The Think Digital event has already had a significant impact on the dental industry worldwide, providing professionals with the tools and knowledge to transition to digital practices. Going forward, the landscape of digital dentistry will continue to expand due to ongoing technological advances and the increasing adoption of digital solutions. The European Roadshow will further enhance this impact across Europe. Together, these events mark a crucial step forward in the digital dentistry revolution, which promises more efficient and effective dental treatments and will ultimately change the industry for the better. 

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