Streamline your scanning process with TrioClear™ Submission Portal integrations

You can easily upload your scans with the TrioClear™ submission portal, which integrates seamlessly with various scanners, including RAYFace, Medit and 3Shape. This means you can manage everything for your treatment quickly and efficiently. Thanks to these integrations, the process becomes simple and straightforward.

Compatibility: Whether you use RAYFace, MEDIT or 3Shape, our portal supports your scanner.

Efficiency: Upload your scans effortlessly and ensure a smooth workflow.

Organisation: Store all your treatment data neatly in one place.

Wondering how it works? Watch our step-by-step instructional videos to guide you through the process

How to upload your MEDIT scans

How to upload your 3Shape scans

How to upload your RAYFace scans