More accurate registration of the implant positions in full arch rehabilitation

CAPS, or Complete Arch Pilar System, can be used for implant position registration with an intra oral scanner like MEDIT, TRIOS or ELETRA. This system is very useful in full arch rehabilitations. The system provides better registration because it deals with the stitching problem of IOS systems when scanning edentulous arches. Moreover it has vertical stops to register the vertical dimension when scanning in occlusion.

One of the key advantages of CAPS is its versatility and adaptability to various individual clinical situations.. By integrating digital impressions, and registration of the vertical dimensions CAPS streamlines the workflow, reducing chair time and enhancing overall efficiency. Traditional methods of implant registration might give greater inaccuracies and multiple appointments.

We invite you to join us on this journey of innovation and transformation in implant dentistry. By simplifying workflows and embracing the CAPS system, we can elevate treatment outcome to the next level while enhancing our professional satisfaction and enjoyment and make comprehensive dentistry easy.