Meet the TrioClear™ App

Meet the TrioClear™ App – the comprehensive solution designed to streamline orthodontic practice management. With TrioClear™ App, orthodontists can effortlessly keep track of all their patients, track case status, view and share treatment plans and simplify photo capture for both new and existing cases.

One of TrioClear™ App most notable features is its ability to simplify photo capture. Dentists can easily capture high-quality photos directly in the app, ensuring consistency and accuracy in documentation. Whether it is an initial assessment, progress check or treatment evaluation, TrioClear™ App makes capturing the required images a breeze.



TrioClear™ App enables orthodontists to stay organized and informed with real-time access to case status. This allows practitioners to track the progress of each patient’s treatment plan, making proactive monitoring and early interventions possible when needed.

In addition, TrioClear™ App enables seamless collaboration and communication between orthodontic teams. With the ability to view and share treatment plans securely in the app, practitioners can ensure that everyone involved in patient care is on the same page, leading to better coordination and improved patient outcomes.

In essence, TrioClear™ App is revolutionizing orthodontic practice management by providing a comprehensive set of tools designed to meet the specific needs of modern orthodontic or dental practices. TrioClear™ is the ultimate solution for dentists who want to optimize their efficiency and improve patient care.