Get ready for some groundbreaking new features on the first of April. We believe these features are necessary to make a treatment plan as effective and personalised as possible. Below we will show you the features and explain the purpose of each. Watch the video about the new features here.


We are pleased to announce that the new iDesign 2.0 update is now available. One of the key features is the integration of RAYFace into TrioClear™, allowing you to perform face-driven aligner treatments. You will receive a simulation based on your submitted facial scan, which is ideal to see how the final result will look taking into account the entire patient’s facial characteristics.

When transmitting a CBCT file, TrioClear™ iDesign 2.0 provides root and bone visualisation. This can be done in combination with RAYFace or separately. You can see how the roots of each element change during treatment, a powerful tool that greatly aids pre-restorative alignment. By visualising the bone structure, you can ensure safe movements and avoid excessive displacements.

Midplane and Occlusal plane
Easily determine proper jaw alignment and ensure the center is parallel to the face. Provides visual confirmation of alignment for precise treatment planning.

The next feature is the Movement Difficulty Indicator (MDI). You will now see a red dot and a yellow dot; if movement is less predictable with clear aligners, you may consider using appliances (such as attachments or elastics). Experience unparalleled precision in tooth movement planning, ensuring every tooth is precisely alignedSeamlessly adjust the tooth movement in multiple planes, accommodating intricate dental corrections with ease.

Tackle a wide range of orthodontic challenges with optimal results across all dimensions of tooth alignment. Visualize and analyse tooth movement dynamics in real-time, gaining insights into treatment progression and potential adjustments.

Overjet and Overbite table (OJ/OB)
A really useful tool that measures the overjet and overbite on the initial and original plan. Assess initial and planned values for precise treatment tracking.

Combined view
view and interact with simulations from five different angles simultaneously. Gain comprehensive insights into treatment progress and adjustments needed.


Share treatment plans easily with clients via QR code.

Patients can conveniently view their plan from anywhere for increased engagement and understanding.

With TrioClear™’s new iDesign features, treatment planning and communication with patients have never been more efficient and effective. Experience enhanced precision and convenience in clear aligner therapy like never before.