From TRIOS to patient outcome – Unite everything in between.

3Shape understands that a great scan is just the first step in delivering a successful patient outcome. With 3Shape Unite you can unlock a world of possibilities with your scan. Utilize thousands of apps, simplify treatment workflows, and use any device to securely access your TRIOS scans in the cloud.

An open platform, 3Shape Unite lets you tailor digital dentistry based on your needs, whether scanning and sending to lab, doing in-house dentistry with 3Shape or other partner apps, or a combination of the two.

The Unite Store lets you effortlessly expand your work with thousands of useful apps. There are 100+ world-class partners for 3D printing and milling, patient management, imaging systems, sleep apnea, design services, and more.

Plus, there are over 25,000 3Shape labs to work with. Using a one-click setup with partners, a simplified lab order form with built-in chat, and a portfolio of patient imaging data, effective collaboration and communication are more accessible than ever.

Unite powers TRIOS’s unparalleled workflows, connecting you to the right partners every time. You achieve the great case results you strive for, and your patients get the treatment outcomes they deserve.

With Unite Cloud app and web, every patient case is made available from anywhere, letting you and your colleagues access your work from any location on any device. Whether from your mobile, tablet, PC, or TRIOS MOVE+, Unite Cloud allows you to manage patient cases, track case progress and communicate efficiently with your lab.

Unite enables dental professionals to choose how they work and who they work with – helping everyone provide superior patient care. From the first scan to the final patient outcome, 3Shape helps you unite everything in between.