RAYFace‘s advanced technology and innovative design bring a new level of efficiency, precision and comfort to the treatment process, offering patients and dental professionals a life-changing experience.

Using six cameras and advanced technology, RAYFace captures a picture in a fraction of a second, without any movement. This unique approach provides exceptional image quality and hair-fine accuracy.

Using Al, the intra-oral scans and CT data are automatically aligned with the virtual face, which is called “Dental Avatar”. Thus, a 3D virtual patient is analyzed using advanced face-driven technology for aesthetic and functional smile design.

This 3D virtual patient is used in the laboratory for face-driven digital treatment planning, resulting in a new smile that fits the face.

Details webinar 21 November 17:30

  • Location: You can join this webinar online at the designated time. Please register below.

  • Speaker: Roeland De Paepe, Head of Product Management at Modern Dental Europe Group

  • Course cost: Free

  • Course duration: 1 hour


  • After attending this webinar, you will have gained a better understanding of the following key topics.

  • 3D facial scanners in dentistry and the RAYFace in particular.

  • Why we need RAYFace?

  • How it works?

  • What are the indications?

  • What does it cost?


Our Speaker: Roeland De Paepe CDT


Roeland started his dental career in 1993 in the dental lab of KULeuven.


Between 2000 and 2006 he worked as “Technical and Training Manager” for GC EUROPE and became a sought-after speaker in more than 50 countries. From 2006, he managed his own lab and continued to be a freelance trainer and KOL for GC.


In 2018, he joined GC as Product Manager.


From February 2020, Roeland is on board at Modern Dental Europe as Head of PM, he is responsible for the product portfolio and implementation of new solutions.


Lightning-fast scanning with one shot

Automatic alignment

Face-driven treatment

Easy communication

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Klinische voorbeelden

In this video, Dr. Pierre-Marie Geeraert shows how the RayFace avoids essential errors of the virtual articulator.


With RAYFace, the dental world has been revolutionized with a new level of sophistication. The sleek and iconic design, combined with the advanced virtual technology, makes it easy and enjoyable for dental professionals and patients.