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We believe that ongoing professional education for all skill levels is invaluable, in this overview webinar on all our digital solutions we offer a pitch introduction on  different new solutions. 

It’s all about the possibility to discover, explore and learn on new digital techniques, strategies and solutions and get an update on what’s new.​

If you want to know more  and dive deeper into a specific solution, you can subscribe for a dedicated solution webinar afterwards.​

We’re committed to providing high quality educational webinars that improve your knowledge of the best and most innovative modern dental practices.​

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Details webinar 12 December 17:30

  • Course format: You can participate on this webinar online and at the indicated time.

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  • Speaker: Roeland De Paepe, Head of Product Management at Modern Dental Europe Group.


  • Course length: 1 hour

  • Course fee: Free of charge


  • Upon attending this webinar, you will discover, explore and learn more on these new digital solutions:

  • RAYFace

  • TrioClear™

  • F.I.T Forma Injection Technique

  • EVO Fusion

  • OptiCrown

  • Matrix

  • All-On-X


Our speaker: Roeland De Paepe CDT

Roeland started his dental career at the KULeuven dental lab, in 1993.

Between 2000 en 2006 he worked as “Technical and Training Manager” for GC EUROPE and became a frequently asked speaker in more than 50 countries. From 2006 he led his own lab and remained a freelance trainer and KOL for GC.

In 2018 he joined GC as Product Manager.

Since February 2020, Roeland is on board at Modern Dental Europe as Head of PM, responsible for the product portfolio and the implementation of new solutions.


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Explore the RAYFace and its sophisticated technology and design which bring a new level of efficiency, precision and comfort to the treatment process, providing patients and dental professionals with a life-changing experience.

We discover how to take a Face scan in a fraction of a second and how the intra-oral scans and CT data automatically align the virtual face. We learn how the 3D virtual patient can be analyzed using cutting-edge facially driven technology for aesthetic and functional smile design.

We learn how the 3D virtual patient is used in the lab for facial-driven digital treatment planningresulting in a new smile created from the face.


progressive two-step-clear aligner solution:

TrioClear™ employs a combination of 1 soft and 1 hard aligner in every cycle which achieves approximately 0.6mm of tooth movement every 14 days.

The application of a soft aligner for every movement helps to ensure that more gentle forces are initially applied, before finishing up the final movement with a hard aligner.

It has been scientifically proven that the use of a sequence of progressively thicker aligners achieves the Progressive Force Concept and improves the predictability of orthodontic movements


The Composite Forma®-Injection Technique (F.I.T.) is a unique solution to treat tooth surface loss in a quick, easy, predictable and efficient way. In this no-prep technique, a direct flowable micro-filled resin hybrid composite is used to achieve a perfect, total rehabilitation.

Discover all details on this biomimetic solution treating tooth surface loss / tooth wear and trauma cases using an efficient workflow to improve aesthetics and function.

EVO Fusion

Did you know there is a scan strategy for edentulous arches?

Discover and embrace the benefits of the EVO FUSION  digital dentures  where the use of the unique Lo Russo retractors and the accompanying scanning strategy unleashes a true revolution. Until recently, the digital prosthesis was only truly digital on the production side, in the lab the entire production process has already been digitized, which leads to a stronger, better fitting prosthesis. On the clinical side, scanning a conventional impression with an IOS was the “digital” option. Thanks to the Lo Russo retractorsan edentulous jaw can now be scanned in a passive state. We learn about the difference between muco-compression and muco-static (IOS scan) concepts and how denture retention works for both options. 


An individual perfect matching crown at an affordable price. 

OptiCrown offers the perfect outcome even in  the most challenging anterior cases.

Explore this new solution for shade matching that surpasses all other digital color measurement devices on the market with its accuracy and repeatability

Learn how to use the OptiShade works and understand the world of colorimetry and how Matisse software calculates, using AI, the recipes and ceramic powder mixings  necessary for the given individual case.

All-on X

Learn about the newly developed scan strategy which uses both an IOS and Lo Russo retractors and provides us the accurate IOS data on the implant positions.

Discover the 3 step workflow which offers a significant reduction in chair time. In terms of accuracy and predictability we reach the highest levels and are able to offer a high-end passive fitting aesthetic full arch implant restoration. Fixed or removable, different options are available and each option has its own features and benefits to fulfil the patients demands.