All-on X

The newly developed scanning strategy includes the use of an IOS and LO RUSSO retractors and provides us with the accurate IOS data about the implant positions.

The 3-step workflow offers a significant reduction in chair time. In terms of accuracy and predictability, we achieve the highest levels and are able to offer a high-end passive fitting aesthetic full arch implant restoration. Fixed or removable, several options are available, and each option has its own characteristics and advantages to meet patient requirements.

Discover this new scan strategy and the All-on-X portfolio in our webinar!

Details webinar 28 november 17:30

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  • Speaker: Roeland De Paepe, Head of Product Management at Modern Dental Europe Group

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  • Course duration: 1 hour


  • Upun attending this webinar, you will have gained a better understanding of the following key topics:

  • Challenges in scanning full arch implants in general.

  • Why we need this new scan strategy?

  • How does it work?

  • What are the treatment steps?

  • What are the differences between fixed or removable All-on-X bridges?


Our Speaker: Roeland De Paepe CDT

Roeland started his dental career in 1993 in the dental lab of KULeuven.

Between 2000 and 2006 he worked as “Technical and Training Manager” for GC EUROPE and became a sought-after speaker in more than 50 countries. From 2006, he managed his own lab and continued to be a freelance trainer and KOL for GC.

In 2018, he joined GC as Product Manager.

From February 2020, Roeland is on board at Modern Dental Europe as Head of PM, he is responsible for the product portfolio and implementation of new solutions.


Digital accuracy

Passif fit

50% less chair time

Stronger, monobloc-design

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