All the essentials in the most affordable TRIOS.

Imagine the excellence of the award-winning TRIOS technology distilled down to its most essential and affordable form. That’s TRIOS Core!

If you’re used to the conventional method of taking impressions, you’ll be blown away by the efficiency of TRIOS Core. And your patients will enjoy its speed and the enhanced comfort it offers.
AI-powered, TRIOS Core delivers accurate scanning and helps you capture every detail in realistic colors, even when working with hard-to-access areas.

Once you’ve completed the scan, you’re one click away from sharing it with your labs. The simple workflow of TRIOS Core involves no complex file downloads or email attachments. Just a seamless scan-and-send experience.

What’s more, getting started with digital scanning couldn’t be easier as TRIOS Core comes with online training and tutorials. So, if you’re new to digital scanning or simply looking for a second scanner for more routine tasks in your practice, welcome TRIOS Core!